Make your garden and backyard a place you love to be.
Dwell in your garden!

image credit ReForm School: Art. Craft. Design.

kids teepee backyard

What can kids do in the backyard?

•  Play in a teepee tent.
•  Camp in your own backyard.
•  Have a birthday party outside.
•  Catch butterflies.
•  Run through lawn sprinklers.
•  Have a tea party.
•  Climb trees.



family grill backyard


What can adults do in the backyard?

•  Barbecue with your favorite grill.
•  Grow flower or vegetable gardens.
•  Teach your kids to care for a garden.
•  Read a book.
•  Throw an outdoor party for friends.
•  Feed the birds.
•  Play croquet.